I’m a grown up, dammit! I should care about what I eat!

That has been repeating in my head for a while now. A long while. So, considering I’m 37 years old, I figure maybe I really should start caring a whole lot more about my lifestyle choices.

No, I’m not going vegan, fruitarian, or full blown carnivore. No, I’m not going to bring a cot and hot plate to the gym. But I am going to care about health and fitness a lot more than I ever have before. It doesn’t need to be a big radical shift in how I eat, or how much I exercise. I just need to make smarter choices with food, and be more consistent with my exercise regimen.

It’s about balance. It’s about the little choices. Is there a healthier bread I can use? Maybe ground turkey instead of beef? Maybe I won’t eat the whole fucking bag of chips? Ok, baby steps…

I am not a trained chef, food scientist, dietician, or personal trainer. I learn as I go, just like most of us, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. What I’ve learned most though, is good health requires a conscious and consistent effort to make good choices.

I’m not going to say that everything I do is the right way to do it. Hell, some of it may just be dead wrong, although I really hope to avoid that. All I can hope for is that the things you find on this website will help you (and I) think a little differently about these types of choices.

The recipes I post here are absolutely for everyone, but I definitely have the male side of the species in mind. Lets be honest, most of us brutes need to feel like we ate something when the meal is over.

Now drop and give me 50!!