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  • Fried Eggs with Montreal  Smoked Meat and Marble Cheddar on Microwave Keto Bread

    Weekly Update – Keto Week Five

    I’m through week 5 of the keto life and strength training is turning out to be the real difference.

  • Oct 30 2018 and Nov 27 2018

    Weekly Update – Keto After One Month

    I’m through my first month of keto, so I’ve taken a short break, and am looking forward to the...

  • Oshawa Tequila Expo

    Weekly Update – Keto Week 3 Report

    I’m three weeks in to this Keto Diet lifestyle, and it’s finally starting to pay off.

  • I miss bagels

    Weekly Update – Keto Week 3

    So here I am at the start of week three of this attempt at keto health and wellness.

  • Me and keto, day 2.

    Intermittent Fasting Is Not Fun

    It's the end of day two of being back on the ketogenic diet and the intermittent fasting was brutal.

  • Microwave keto bread

    Back to ketogenic life

    I'm back to give the ketogenic diet another try, this time with a side of Intermittent Fasting. Why not...