Weekly Update – Keto After One Month

Left: Oct 30 2018, 187 lbs and Right: Nov 27 2018, 178 lbs

Left: Oct 30 2018, 187 lbs and Right: Nov 27 2018, 178 lbs

So here I am, one month into this Keto Journey. I have not behaved as I should on a weekly basis. I have caved/slipped/notgivenashit the odd time on the weekend, but I’/m happy to report that I’m down to 178 lbs, a loss of about 8 lbs in total, so far. Can’t complain about that.

To celebrate, I had a burger and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight! I’m chucking as I type this. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s just very much my style. Mild success…wreck it! All good though. The main reason I’m “cheating” today is I’ve decided to try another type of exogenous ketone, so I feel with that, and the start of month #2, maybe a little downtime was in order. Hopefully this weekend I’ll manage to stay away from the tequila and poutine.

New exogenous ketones

I ordered them yesterday morning and expected it to take at least a week, if not more, because of the Canada Post strike. So I didn’t think there would be any real rush to get my nutritional shit together again, but I was wrong! Probably a good thing, because I’d love to drive this train right off the rails.

The brand of ketone I’m trying this time, Pruvit, has shown to be very helpful to a lot of people. They are a bit expensive, but I think that if they really do help the way they’re supposed to, then it’s a fair price to pay for such an aid. They showed up on my doorstep this afternoon, in a somewhat astonishingly short amount of time, ready for me to get right back into it when I wake up tomorrow. This break was short, but I enjoyed it, and I think it was actually just enough to satisfy me for a while longer.

Stepping up the morning workouts

This week I fired up the Nike Training Club app for the first time in quite a while. I forgot how much it can kick your ass. Even starting out with only the 15 minute sessions gives me more than I’m expecting. After 2 days my body is somewhat tired already, which is lame, but I guess it’a sign that things are doing what they’re supposed to. this morning I told myself I’d take tomorrow morning off, but I doubt I’ll actually stick to that by the time I wake up. Once I’m in a rhythm it’s just too easy to keep it going.

Anyways…on to month number two! Wish me strength!