Intermittent Fasting Is Not Fun

Here I am at the end of only day two and I must say, this intermittent fasting idea may not last. I’m going to try to make it through at least this first week, but I’m already making no guarantees. I’d like to bullshit you and tell you it’s no big deal, and skipping one meal is a breeze, but I’m going to just be honest and tell you the truth. It feels like shit.

Lots of people out there don’t eat breakfast. Hell, I was one of them for a large portion of my life, but I’ve been used to having something to eat before work for probably ten or fifteen years now. Because breakfast is important…remember? Remember that?!

I just want a fried egg sammy. Please.

If I was allowed to have something smart and small, like most standard diets would suggest, I may not even complain. But today by around 9:00 am I had a serious growl on. By around 10:30 it was bordering on pain. I know me complaining about hunger is the¬†epitome of first world problems, but I’m not used to this! The only weapon in my arsenal to fight this feeling is simply drink more water. Not exactly the best problem solving technique, but I’ll take it.

I kept my meals identical to yesterday. Shawarma Salad for lunch, and stuffed peppers for dinner. I just wanted to keep things easy for day two, and I do think it helped some. I even raked the leaves out front, and took Dex for our after dinner walk again. Closed those rings, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, my decaf evening coffee is empty and the Raptors are well into the first quarter, so thats all for today. Wish me luck. Pray for mojo.